As specialist tanker manufactuers Gissing have expertly engineered single axle tankers for waste with a fully opening hydraulic back door and external strengthening supports. To twin axle heavy duty injection tankers with a full scorpion overhead boom with joystick control right through to quad driven axles.

  • Compromising a range of pumps from the gissing Storm injection pump to the Netzsch PC pump based on different requirements
  • We pride ourselves on our taper high tensile chassis. (not using the barrel as the chassis)! Super heavy duty axles (150m square) with heavy duty suspension being air/steel or hydraulic
  • Heavy duty barrel construction


The Gissing slurry tanker has a separated chassis system that fully supports the tank which is acting as a mere passenger. All of our application equipment is fully supported and reliant on our specialist ultra-strong lightweight chassis.

Because of the strong over-dimensioned chassis, it is possible to fit a heavy load 3-point linkage. The pneumatic suspension is a standard fit for top-class drive quality and stability. 

Gissing has expertly designed their own hydraulic suspension which can be mounted to provide a superb drive quality and height adjustment to the ground. Our tanks are equipped with a Netzsch Lobe 6.000 l/min or 9.000 l/min positive displacement pump, but can also be equipped with a Netzsch nemo pc or vacuum pump. Our tankers are available in a 2-axle 12.000 -18.000 L tank and in a 3-axle 22.500 L - 30.000 L tank. 

All Gissing tankers are fully bead blasted and expertly applied with industrial twin pack gloss paint which includes a high built aggressive fixed priming paint. 

With a range of specialist top mount booms with turbo filler through to driven axles. 

Tyre sizes range 385 through to 710 30.5 or our Tracked application injection tanker.

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