Our Partnerships



Netzsch pumps and systems Uk ltd are undoubtable the most technically advanced progressive cavity , lobe pump and system manufacture in the Uk. Spearheaded by Mechanical engineer and director Simon Williams and his team to achieve the correct system with a no-nonsense approach to their products and design.

  • Netzsch dominate the market place with there well proven tried and tested
  • Progressive cavity pump, lobe and macerators
  • Being the chosen pump within  industry, agriculture and food waste
  • We have partnered with Netzsch to alter often complex requirements to a more simple and achievable outcome utilising Netzsch’s technology and engineers




Yardmaster® effluent pumps are designed to provide hard-working and reliable performance across the full range of applications within a Dairy Effluent System. From the initial 'Transfer' of solids from the cowshed or feed pad to the storage pond or tank through to Yardmaster’s range of high pressure Effluent Pumps suitable for pumping ‘Processed’ green water from the ponds or tanks to your preferred make of irrigator.

All of the Yardmaster® Pumps are proven to perform specific functions at various stages of an effluent system and fit seamlessly with other Yardmaster® products including Stirrers, Separators and Automation products. Your Yardmaster® Certified Dealer near you can advise the pump that is right for your application.

Yardmaster® Pumps are also used across a number of commercial and industrial applications including meat processing plants, wool scowers and sawmills for solids/slurry waste management.

The yardmaster separator is a true dominator within the slurry industry in terms of quality of build, longevity and technical design.

  • Fully stainless
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Minimal metal on metal contact (unlike most separators)
  • Fast flow inlet and outlet
  • Even weighted plate for separating

Gissing are the sole Importer of all Yardmaster parts and products within the UK.




We are proud of our relationship with the Cri-man range which is imported by the technically advanced company TT Pumps Ltd. TT noticed a gap within the market for a high quality centrifugal umbilical slurry pump.

With our selling numbers within the 1000s we can confidently say that we feel the cri-man umbilical pump is the market leader in terms of efficiency, strength and aftermarket service and parts cost.

Can cover virtually all product and system demands.