Easy-to-use Dribble Bars

Manufactured in Brigg, Lincolnshire, our Dribble Bars have been engineered for maximum reliability and durability to make your busy days a little bit easier, meaning you have more time to wind down after a full day in the fields. Our vertical folding dribble bars come with a range of features that make Gissing one of the UK’s leading dribble bar manufacturers.

The Gissing family have been manufacturing since 1938 with our dribble bars receiving over 80 years of engineering knowledge and manufacturing excellence. Our Dribble bars have been proven through extensive and rigorous testing phases to ensure they are primed for your operations as the professional farmer or contractor.

We’ve built our business on reliability and quality, as that is what the agriculture industry depends on. Gissing’s Euro-line range of dribble bars can be supplied with folding working widths of 9m – 36m, built with durability in mind to ensure your product is fully functional even in challenging conditions.

Key Features

  • Super heavy-duty frame and utilising high tensile steel boom arms
  • Griflex Extra flexible discharge hose
  • Mega flow Gissing distributor with accuracy and precision at forefront of design
  • Easily interchangeable cutting rings serviceable at waist height in a matter of minutes
  • Minimal wearing parts
  • Smart hydraulics featuring HD rams and click-control
  • Flowmeter ready
  • John nutrient sensor suitable
  • Heavy-duty swing arm
  • Gissing reeler pickup as demount or fixed
  • Single splash nozzle as standard
  • Tanker and umbilical ready

With dribble bar folding widths from 9m to 36m, Gissing has the solution for you. Contact us today to discuss your requirements. If you are unsure what size dribble bar you need, our team can happily support you and talk through your options. Chat with us today at sales@gissing.co.uk or call us on 01652 238328.