We are very excited to be supplying and servicing Börger's complete range of products.

Börger's positive displacement pumps benefit from:

  • Easy interchangeable wearing tips. This method reduces excessive disposal of wearing items whilst also saving time and money
  • Börger also benefits from a simple mechanical seal using the pump itself as the pressure chamber rather than a separate vulnerable external chamber
  • MEP stands for Börger's maintenance which allows all of Börgers components from the mechanical seals, internal wear liner and lobes to be replaced without the need to strip the pump down or remove it from site
  • Börger's positive displacement pumps benefit from increased flow rates and reduced fuel costs compared to centrifugal pumps
  • Recent demonstration of a centrifugal pump and positive displacement pump in Scotland
  • Centrifugal pump 2400 meters 400 meters of 5” and the remainder of 4” 1050 RPM
  • Börger positive displacement pump 2400 meters 400 meters of 5” and the remainder of 4” 410 RPM
  • The Börger used on average £5-7 of fuel an hour less
  • Börgers range up to 1,500m3/h
  • The large-scale geometry and short passage enable the medium to be pumped efficiently. *May vary in different slurries and locations


Macerating equipment

Börger offer many pump and macerating systems, which vary with different requirements. Some used previously on an anaerobic digester would be the Multichopper and the Börger Multicrusher would be more suited to an abattoir.

Separation Equipment

The Börger Bioselect stands for efficient separation technology. Using a purely mechanical process, liquid is separated from solid parts in the medium (such as digestate or liquid manure). Flows of up to 120 m³/h (530 usgpm) can be achieved with the Börger Bioselect.