Our team at Gissing have worked a tremendous amount of hours designing a completely new product to the world marketplace. Our Euro-line dribble bar has been designed to eliminate an extra machine!

Rather than purchasing a machine that can only be used as umbilical or as a tanker mount, you can now benefit from a machine that has been expertly manufactured and folds up completely behind a tanker/self-propelled or a tractor for umbilical.

Our euro-line range from 9 meters through to 16 meters.

Standard build:

  • Super heavy duty frame and boom arms
  • Extra flexible discharge hose
  • Mega flow Slootsmid macerator
  • Easily interchangeable cutting rings
  • Minimal wearing parts
  • Super-sized hydraulic rams and click control hydraulics

We pride ourselves on top-class engineering methods using the best welding machines and consumables which the world has to offer. Using programming systems we can trace the whole process of our engineering methods.

Not only manufacturing equipment, we also understand stress areas and how to overcome these. Therefore you will receive a product which is truly engineered! “BUILT THE WAY IT USED TO BE”.